Personal Breakthrough Sessions – 6


Discover your Values in the area of your life that is not working.  The area of your life you most wish to transform.  

Want to loose weight, change your relationship(s) to be more more loving, more empowering, or just plain get out of what is no longer working for you?  Want to change careers, get a raise, move laterally, become an entrepreneur?  This 6 session series will assist you to get clear on what you want and why.  What exactly is motivating you and fire up your engines.  You will clear away what is hindering you from creating what you want in this area.  Get your mojo back in one of the following areas and watch your life transform for the better in just 6 easy sessions!

*  Health & Fitness

*  Relationships & Family

*  Career & Finances

*  Personal Growth

*  Spiritual Development

*  Quality of Life

*  and more . . .