Love, Aloha, Lomilomi – 2018



Join us for an educational, nurturing 4 day Hawaiian Lomilomi and Ha’ai massage healing retreat on the Island of Hawaii.

Most people have heard of Lomilomi yet very few have heard of Ha’ai.  This year we are pleased and excited to bring you Ha’ai body work by Lunakanawai Hauanio.  ‘Luna’ was  trained by his maternal Grandmother (tutu) when he was still just a small boy.  Growing up in Kalapana, Hawaii, ha’ai and other traditional practices were simply a way of life.  Luna’s loved learning and was a very inquisitive child.  He worked hard on horseback with his Grandfather, and his Grandmother steadfastly administered traditional healing methodologies.  His family lived off the land and sea.  Luna learned in “hands on training style” which was very informal yet thorough and repetitive.

We have put his lifelong training with his Tutu into a fantastic 4 day retreat designed to assist you in letting go of long held body habits you no longer need, and to assist in working with others.  Ha’ai really opens up your body and the body of those you work with.  It used the sacred breath of HA combined with supreme energy of Spirit in order to accomplish the goal of health, flexibility, peace and aloha.

We look forward to you joining us for these special 4 days.

Tuition Investment $2500.