Train Your Brain for Wealth: Fast Track to the Flow of Money


The Fast Track to the Flow of Money

Tired of struggling with your finances? Are conversations around money negatively affecting your relationships? Finally, here is your opportunity to discover and create emotional stability, mental clarity, focus and motivation necessary to deal with the challenge of money. Get past what’s stopping you from being powerful in this area, now.

—Learn a fast, effective way to get past negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions around money.
—Improving your relationship with money will positively affect all areas of your life.
—Create a compelling financial future and attain your money goals.
This 2-day experience is the greatest investment you will ever make in finally creating a healthy relationship to money. Wake up to your own personal power!
Maggie has combined the powerful modalities of Neuro Linguistics, Time Line Training, Universal Law and Quantum Physics, all of which allow you the opportunity to get past blocks very quickly and powerfully create your future. Your Unconscious Mind (Body / Mind) is simply doing what you’ve imprinted and been taught in terms of money. When it comes to our finances, most of what we’ve grown up with no longer serves us in being responsible and powerful.
You will learn a fast, effective, easy, way of releasing all that no longer serves you in the area of finances. You will also learn an extremely effective method of putting goals in your future in such a way that you automatically move in their direction. You will leave the training more motivated, focused, relaxed, and powerful in the area of personal finance. Train your brain for wealth and train your brain for success.