Train Your Brain

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Invest in yourself and your team by attending the ‘most bang for your buck’ transformational training on the market today.  Train Your Brain for the Game is about active mental training. It’s designed to create excellence in sport, business, life and to get your body & mind to wake up. When you’re active during the learning process, you are more awake, alert and engaged.
Led by Olympian, 2X World Champion and Certified Master Trainer Maggie Connor, you’ll learn to explore the vast possibilities of your unconscious mind so that you can be more motivated, focused, and powerful. You’ll have the opportunity to clear your neurology of the negative emotions, limiting beliefs, decisions that keep you from attaining your goals.  You will also learn the most extremely effective method of putting goals in your future time line in such a way that you are automatically compelled to move in their direction.  Learn to Train Your Brain so it works for you, not against you.
During your 2 days, much of your time is spent working with Maggie, learning the vast possibilities of your unconscious mind.  When you learn about your own individual way of storing time you perceive and retain information better and it becomes more efficiently organized in your brain. This combined with the powerful modalities of Neuro Linguistics and Time Line Training allow you the opportunity to perform the way you want, when you get out of bed in the morning. Train Your Brain for success and Train Your Brain to be happy!