“Do it!  It will change your life!!” – Tom Terwilliger, Mr. Universe, Personal Trainer & author, Denver, CO  

“Life Changing, mind blowing, path altering!  If you do not want to change, do not see Maggie!” – Tamara Borrman, Professional Speaker, AZ & CO 

“The US Olympic Committee should consider offering Maggie’s services and trainings.  Any athlete can achieve dramatic results in a very short time period.  Positive effects are realized immediately, making it so much more exciting and efficient than traditional psychological techniques.”  – Bill Koch, 4X Olympian & Silver Medalist XC Skiing

“Maggie stands out as a Trainer, with her exceptional humanity & personal connection.  An awesome individual with high integrity, I recommend her trainings and events to everyone.  Mahalo for all your have shown me Maggie.”  – Tim Considine, Business Owner, UK 

“Working with Maggie was the greatest thing I have ever done for my personal growth.  After just one session with Maggie, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  She made it comfortable to look inside and be real with myself.  I notice changes in how I think, feel and act.  Many limits I placed on myself are now gone.  It’s funny, now I think or do something and even surprise myself!  Thank you Maggie. After being her client, I was able to leave my job at a tofu factory and I worked for Maggie from 2000 – 2008 as her assistant.  Now I have my own business.  Maggie is hands down the best Trainer I could have ever had.”  Traci Brown, 3X Collegiate Cycling Champion, former Manager Frito Lay, Boulder, CO  

“Just one session with Maggie created a dramatic difference in my stress level and refocused my priorities.  Thank you!  Balancing life and work are all reasonable goals in far less time than one can imagine.  Move over Tony Robbins . . . Maggie helps you reach peak performance in your life!” – Randi Winter, Director of Marketing & Sales Renshaw Travel & Cruise Concepts, B.C., Canada

“Over the years I have pursued self-improvemnet in many forms.  The most significant progress in freeing my inner potential was made recently in just 2 sessions with Maggie Connor.  The most striking feature – although it can deal with deep-seated unresolved issues, it does not, like Freudian analysis, assume months or years to progress and let go of inner conflict.  On the contrary, the conflict once recognized is resolved instantaneously.”  – Frank Troy, College Professor, Boulder, CO 

“Maggie’s training must be experienced to be believed.  It’s so powerful it cannot adequately be described in words.  Just one session helped me feel more confident in my personal & professional life.  I recommend Maggie to everyone – she is the most magical person you will ever meet.”  – Christine Sturgis, Owner Ultimate Trips.com, Aspen, CO  

After “Train Your Brain” 2 Day Training

“I’ve released the weight and kept it off for years now.  Thank you for Train Your Brain.  It was the final answer in a life long weight struggle.” – Amber Leone

“This was all I hoped for and more.  It  has given me an instant feelings of hope, confidence and trust that I have some say of my future & destiny.” – Carla Bonacci 

“Maggie, you are such a great teacher.  This was fun, and I learned so much.  Everyone needs to be attending TYB.  It has the power to change one’s life in hours rather than years.  Thank you.” – Shirley Boyce

“Very Enlightening and well presented.  I am more confident and the training has improved my life.” – Erik Eslinger

“Excellent training, excellent presenter, thank you for all your dedication and heart.” – Alice Newman

“Life Changing.  I require any partner (business or personal) to attend.”   – Marty Bonacci  

“Ive been looking for this all my life.  Thank you for sharing all your wisdom.”  – Bill Boyce

After NLP & Personal Training 

“I continually hire Maggie Connor to help me maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace and my chosen profession.  She truly is an expert in her field and I am excited about the results she has helped me achieve in both my personal and professional life.  I highly recommend anyone who wants to be a high performance person hire the services of Maggie Connor.” – Alan Schill

“Maggie is a great trainer and speaker. One of the best. Her personality, genuine concern for individuals and evident integrity speak volumes. She gets results effortlessly. It was a joy to participate in and see it happening. Individuals and companies working with her get great results and awesome value. Hire her!” – Tim Considine

“I took an NLP Training course from Maggie and her crew.  They are awesome!  Maggie has wonderful communication skills, and an easy to follow teaching style.”  – Bo Donegan CPA

“I had the privilege to train with Maggie in the areas of NLP , Hawai’iana and personal training. The level of knowledge she holds makes her an expert in her field. The impact of her delivery and the relevance of material were very beneficial to my business & personal life.  Maggie is an experienced professional & very well established.  I recommend her for individuals and organizations seeking greater knowledge of themselves and improving their interactions with people in their sphere of influence.” – James Sorrells

After LOVE, ALOHA, HAWAII Training 

“I learned to heal myself, heal others and heal the planet.  Thank you for being such a great teacher.”  – Dr. Steven Schwartz

“I have worked with many great teachers in my lifetime yet you are by far the most spiritual teacher I have ever met.  Mahaloniloa Kumu Maggie.” – The Brain Doctor